About Us

Visit Raja Ampat on a budget widh Deni Tour Guide.

Deni is a local Indonesian English speaking tour guide who organize on a budget tour package in Raja Ampat, which is based in Sorong, who has an extensive experience in Raja Ampat area for 8 years as a local English speaking tour guide and has passion in people, outdoor, and nature. He is known to be fun and have a good sense of hospitality.

Raja Ampat is home for us, we are keen to show our guests the magnificent beauty of Raja Ampat above and below the water. We know Raja Ampat very well as locals and have been in the area for years, some of us are native and born in Raja Ampat as well. We organize a 6N/7D package tour guide for divers and non-divers to explore Raja Ampat Islands in an adventurous way, and customized tours as well.

Raja Ampat contains hundreds of small islands and many of the islands are still unexplored yet, we can always find something new to explore such as unspoiled beached, hidden bay, and great shallow underwater garden for snorkeling.

Deni Raja Ampat Tour Guide is your friend to explore and visiting Raja Ampat.