Misool is on the Southern part of Raja Ampat surounding by hundreds small beautiful islands with some other big islands such as Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo.

Known as magical Raja Ampat because of the underwater life, Misool waters are the border into Banda Sea the vast open ocean where pelagic fish such as whale, sharks, giant octopus are found in the area and other rare pelagic fish.

Misool has a well-known underwater cave, Tomolol Cave. Misool trips island hoping: Soq Island, Balbulol Island, Batanta Island, Kofiau Island, Boo Island.



Day 1

Arrive in Sorong, we collect you at the airport to go directly to Misool Island to check in to a homestay in Misool.

Day 2– Balbulol Island

Full day tour at Balbulol Island for snorkeling, trekking and photo hunting.

Day 3 – Caving
Easy trekking at Goa Wanita Termenung and Jelly fish snorkeling, photo hunting.

Day 4 – Thousand Island
Snorkeling at Goa Keramat, snorkeling and photo hunting at Thousand Island, exploring ancient painting on the island reef wall.

Day 5 – Fiabia Set & Yelit Island
Snorkeling at Fiabia set and Yelit Island

Day 6 – Mer Island & Karwapop Island
Sightseeing and snorkeling at Pulau Mer (where Misool Eco Resort is situated), Jelly Fish Lake at Karwapop Island.

Day 7 - Depart to Sorong in the morning – check-in hotel to catch flight the next day

If time permit, there are some more islands to explore such as Pulau Daram and Pulau Kalig and visiting local village.


  1. Our boat is not a liveaboard or luxery boat but a traditional big boat
  2. This is not a fixed route. Sometimes it is changed depending on weather conditions.
  3. Since our boat is big enough to stay overnight we normally sleep on the boat just one or two time we sleep in the tent.
  4. We prepare the trips for each participants individually.
  5. Please feel free to email us if you want to have your own customized trips.